The Perfect Gift for Your Host-Family

Time flew by pretty fast during my period as an au pair. It’s been 8 months since I arrived in Holland, and my time as an au pair is coming to an end. I’m not saying goodbye to The Netherlands quite yet, as I will start my new marketing job in May!

Before I left, I wanted to get something nice for my host-family. Finding the right kind of gift is tough but I came across the perfect website for sentimental gifts! I went to to try and find something that I could put a nice personal touch on. I had trouble deciding between a photobook, canvas, or calendar, but ultimately chose a canvas:)

My host-family just got a new dog and didn’t have any pictures of him with the kids. I thought it’d be great to have a little photo shoot and give an updated picture of the kids and dog to my host-family. I decided to print one and share all the photos with them in a google drive folder so they could have more to add to their own photobooks. Honestly, scheduling time with the kids was more complicated than ordering the photo itself!


My next post will go more into detail about my time as an au pair and some of the pros/cons of taking some time off to do something like that so stay tuned!


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