IJmuiden – Beach Day

Another week has passed and I have begun to explore Hilversum and the surrounding area a bit more. It’s common here for towns and villages to be separated by forest preserves. This means if you need to bike to the next town over, it will probably take you through some very scenic areas. I’ve started to meet other au pairs not only in Hilversum, but also in the neighboring towns of Bussum and Baarn. Instead of taking the train, I prefer to bike when it’s nice out to explore these forest preserves in between.

A few weeks ago, Nathan and I went to IJmuiden, which is located right on the coast. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The dog loved being on the beach, running as fast as he could, with the wind blowing hard through his fur. This was the hilliest place I’ve seen here, with big sand dunes forming from the strong winds.

While Nathan worked out on the beach, Raffa and I explored. I had been warned about jellyfish, but couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some the size of dinner plates washed ashore. I had to be careful that the dog didn’t touch them. The beach was full of beautiful little shells and stones. The dog loved to run into the water, jumping and splashing in the waves, waiting for me to throw him his ball.

After our sunny beach adventure, we stopped at a beach cafe, especially welcoming to dogs. And what’s a better way to end a day like this than with dessert first 😉 While we enjoyed this little snack, we enticed some of the locals in as well. 50+ little birds came to sit right on our table and surrounding chairs to meticulously watch us eat. They were daring creatures too! They would slowly hop closer and closer until we’d swat them away!

Who knew that Holland had such nice beaches! (many people, I’m just ignorant on the subject) Week after week I’m slowly getting to see more and more of The Netherlands. I’ve been blessed so far with relatively good weather for my adventures, so I hope it continues for even more outdoor adventures 🙂


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