The Perfect Gift for Your Host-Family

Time flew by pretty fast during my period as an au pair. It's been 8 months since I arrived in Holland, and my time as an au pair is coming to an end. I'm not saying goodbye to The Netherlands quite yet, as I will start my new marketing job in May! Before I left, I … Continue reading The Perfect Gift for Your Host-Family


Day Trip – Den Haag

Den Haag is the third largest city in The Netherlands. Although it is not the capital of The Netherlands, it is the seat of the national government, as well as being home to the royal family.

Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Own Thailand Adventure.

I went to Thailand this summer for a month, before creating this blog. I only have great things to say about Thailand. It's cheap, friendly, fun, and full of adventure! I've had a few friends reach out to me about what I did on my trip and places I stayed, so I decided to put … Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Own Thailand Adventure.

Weekend Away – Hanover

I never really considered going to Hanover for a weekend trip. It’s relatively small and 4 hours by train from Amsterdam. But when given an opportunity to check out a new city, I try not to pass that up. My boyfriend plays full-time tennis, which means he sometimes travels to different countries to play in tournaments, and I so happen to be very free on the weekends (au pair perks!). I tagged along for a mini road trip and got to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring Hanover all on my own.

Weekend Away – Munich – Oktoberfest

I'll be honest, before most trips I will do lots of research, reading blogs and watching videos about the place I'm visiting. For this trip, I did almost nothing. I knew that this trip was almost entirely Oktoberfest so I figured I'd had a general idea of what it'd be like. Oktoberfest was bigger and crazier than I could have imagined.